Life-Size 2 Movie Review

 We all remember in the early 2000s where Lindsay Lohan played Casey Stuart, a girl who had lost her mom a few years prior and wanted to bring her back. Instead of Casey’s mom coming back, Barbie-esque doll Eve came to life and hijinks ensued. Eve had to learn about the real world and learn to live from day to day.  After a few tries, Casey and Eve eventually bond and taught each other valuable life lessons and then Eve transformed back into a doll again.

It’s now 18 years later, and Eve comes back. Now we have Grace (Francia Raisa; Secret Life of the American Teenager, Grown-ish, Blackish) who is in the middle of a quarter-life crisis, realizing that she is in over her head as a CEO of a toy company that her mother started and was the one to create the Eve doll. The company is wanting to discontinue the Eve doll, and Grace is quickly to agree and get rid of the doll. Grace’s neighbor, Lex convinces her to say the same spell to have Eve come to life. Of course, nothing happens yet.

Much to Grace’s dismay, Eve appears right beside her in the morning and Eve is all too excited. She meets some of Grace’s friends and is hungry and ends up ordering half the menu and requests tons of butter. Grace and her friends give Eve an-all new makeover and then Eve shows them her serial number, so Grace finally realizes that Eve is the actual doll she had growing up and her friends are just in shock. After Grace admits to Eve that she didn’t have much of a childhood, Eve decides to take her to the mall and they just have fun and tries her hardest to convince Grace to not discontinue the doll.

Even though Grace has changed her mind, other people in the company had their own idea in mind to not only get rid of the doll, but to get rid of Grace as well. Grace and Lex decide to invite all of Lex’s friends over to help save Eve and the company.  Grace gets into an argument with Eve, then she all of a sudden disappears. Then Grace goes home to find out that she’s been booted from the company, and so has Eve. Grace decides she needs to go see her mom in jail, to see if her mom might be able to help.

Grace shows up at the board meeting to save the company, then Eve reappears and sings a remix of her famous song, Shine Bright, Shine Far.

After Lex and her friends give an amazing performance as well, Grace comes to find out that her mother was framed by Devin and his plans to ruin the company. Even though Lohan wasn’t directly in the movie herself, her character Casey was mentioned a few times. Eve also has a love interest, Hyde, and he’s fallen madly in love with her. So when it came time for her to leave, she made it to where he left with her also and he turned into a doll himself.

I’ll admit I cried on the ending part, having true nostalgic feelings. I want and would love to have more Eve. Maybe we can only hope for the moment for another movie. I can imagine this movie being a big hit, especially with the young generation of kids we have now. I watched this movie with my step-daughter, even though she fell asleep half way through, she was excited to watch it with me and really enjoyed it. I hope that other little girls enjoyed watching this movie as well, and hopefully can’t wait to see what happens next. 

2 thoughts on “Life-Size 2 Movie Review

  1. I was so excited to see they were making a second one! I forgot to tune in when it aired, thanks for the reminder + the review!


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