Lawrence County’s first heavy metal/rock festival organized by local resident

“I’ve played music for 13 years, my band has been produced by some of the biggest producers in the metal scene, I’ve played my hometown once in 13 years. This needs to change. We live in an area that’s so close minded because dudes wear black and scream in a song. I want to break the area out of that mindset. Rock music does the best nationwide with concert sales beating rap and any other genre. I want to create an annual event for the area I grew up in that I’m proud of and that we can all come together one day in the fall, let loose and rock out to some of the nations rising stars.”

A Funny Man Impossible to Forget – Tribute to John Ritter

Have you ever had an actor/actress who had a huge impact on your life? I sure do and he will always continue to have a huge impact on not only mine, but other people’s lives as well. If you ask me who my favorite actor is, I’ll say John Ritter. I would always watch rerunsContinue reading “A Funny Man Impossible to Forget – Tribute to John Ritter”

Authentic Fresh Experience at Fratelli’s

    I love going to different restaurants and trying their food, because it’s something I really enjoy doing. I’ve always loved trying new foods. Now that I’m blogging, I’m actually able to write about my experience and just share it with others. In today’s post, I’ll be writing about my experience at Fratelli’s, anContinue reading “Authentic Fresh Experience at Fratelli’s”