A Night of Nostalgia

It was a nostalgic night in downtown Ironton, Ohio at the historic RO-NA theater on Saturday. Charles Cody Wilds, vocalist for Revision, Revised, put on the most amazing epic Emo prom night. Along with his band, two other bands performed as well, Majesties of Grayson, Kentucky and Parked of Huntington, West Virginia along with a solo acoustic set by Colby Lykins. They each had a 40 minute set, and in between they had a DJ play the classic hits as well.

He got the idea from going to an Emo dance night where it was just a DJ playing music, and a spark hit and he got the thought of wanting to something much cooler and better than that, so therefore Emo prom was thought of. After a long amount of time and hard work, everyone involved put their two hands in to help make this the best Emo prom night ever. He was able to incorporate his wedding decorations and had purchased over a thousand dollars worth of posters and extra decorations. Wise Guys catered the event and there was a bar with themed drinks. Joel Patrick Vickers Jr. described it as a killer prom and noted how well Wilds did at putting this event together and for bringing this type of event into the community. They had been working on the set up for 3 days, and in the end it turned out spectacular.

Check out the gallery below:

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