Digital Portraits I’ve done so far

I have definitely been enjoying to continue drawing more people, I’m literally becoming known as the girl who draws people. Sometimes I tell them I’m gonna draw them or I’ll surprise them and they love it regardless. I love getting the feedback from these people and I’ve enjoyed trying new styles of drawing. I’m gonna post on here who I’ve drawn so far in the past month-ish. Some of these people I’ve drawn previously and some are new. I just enjoy drawing people when they post pics and I use them as inspiration.

Giving Back to the Community with Nutrition

Ironton Nutrition opened on December 6th, 2021, and they have been in full swing for a good month now. It’s a cafe where they serve energizing teas, protein coffees, and healthy shakes! With 80+ flavors & new specials daily!! They had amazing drinks and specials in December, and with 2022 in effect, they have even better specials this month and have a lot of ideas they plan on doing this year, including Small Business Saturdays, with an event on January 30th, Paint & Sip with Kouns Kreative Designs, Flight Nights, Local Business of the week, and so much more to come! 

“We wanted to open our business to bring healthy and quick options to Ironton & we want to give back to the community in any way we can. We picked Ironton Nutrition because it was simple, it explains what we’re here for! The community & nutrition!”

This week they have started off the year with a Refresh & Restore event with daily specials and even have a drawing planned, so don’t forget to stop in this week. They are located at 309 South 3rd street Ironton, Ohio, across from the RO-NA theater! Their hours are Monday through Friday 7 am to 7 pm, Saturday 9 am to 4 pm and Sunday 10 am to 4 pm, unless it’s a major holiday.

You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok to stay up with the latest news.

Reflecting on The Year

Hey everyone, we are literally upon the last day of the year. So I figured with today, you’ll be getting a blog post and a podcast as well, so don’t forget to hop on over to Anchor or where ever you listen to your podcasts and listen as well.

So for this post, we are talking about and reflecting on events that has happened this year. The beginning of 2021 started somewhat better than last year, of course COVID was still going on, and the job I had at the time, the rules and regulations there were getting stricter. With other stuff going on there, I finally quit that job in April. I did do some freelance work for a couple months, but I knew I had to find another job. So in June, I finally got a job working at Wendy’s. During the time I was finding another job, my husband at the time said he wanted divorced. Apparently things hadn’t been working out like we thought, so it was best that we get divorced. I couldn’t find a place closer to where Donovan was going to school, so towards the end of summer break, I had transferred him schools and we moved in with my grandmother. So since the end of July we have lived with her. Things are going fairly well, and I’m hoping in the new year we’ll be able to get our own place, and for sure working on saving up for a car as well. Also in that time, we started going back to church, a church literally a couple minutes from our house, and a family friend is the assistant pastor there, so we started going there, and Donovan couldn’t be more happier going there. He loves it, I love it, we’ve gained an amazing group of friends, and I just couldn’t be more blessed with the church and I love being involved as well. One other thing that was good out of this year, was that we got travel somewhere different, we went to Washington, DC in July and the kids had an awesome time, we stayed just outside in Maryland, and we took the substation into DC a few times in the week. I’m hoping next year as well, I would love to take Donovan on vacation just me and him, and go somewhere different again. I definitely didn’t expect how this year would turn out, but I’m pretty much glad it did. I was a single mom before, and I can very well continue on and being the best mom I can be to my son. He’s my main man and it’s me and him against the world. Will I ever find love again? Who knows. I would not mind if I didn’t and I’d be okay with that.

So to end off this post below is a list of goals Donovan and I plan to achieve in the new year. Will I be mad if it doesn’t happen? Nope. But that won’t stop me to continue pushing and focus on my son and our dreams.

Lindsey’s Goals:
– purchasing a car
– a place of our own
– starting my business
– budget my finances better
– hopefully get to travel

Donovan’s Goals:
– wants to earn $300
– gain a bigger collection of army toys


Hey everyone, I’m excited to share this new post, as I’m talking about two really cool podcasts. Podcasts are a good thing to listen to when you’re relaxing, laying in bed, or even being productive around the house. (hint, hint, new podcast coming soon as well.) Anyway, this may be a fairly long post, so bare with me and just read along as I interview these guys, and went a little in depth on the who, what, when and why, basically the low-down on their shows.

So first off, I’m talking with Jon Cook, host of Fadó podcast, An Audio Adventure into Fiction, Folklore, and Fairy Tales! 

When & why did you decide to start the podcast?

Jon Cook: Okay, so when did I decide, and why: Basically, in the middle of the lockdowns, I read my book, The Path of Stone,  on Facebook for people to listen to to give them something to do. I had so much fun with that, that I contacted the C.S. Lewis estate to see if I could read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and they allowed it. During those readings, I decided that I was having so much fun that I’d make a regular thing of it, but as a podcast, so it could be to anyone, and not just my Facebook friends. So in May of 2020, I launched Fadó. I just wanted to put something out there to entertain people and give them something comfortable to listen to to get away from all the heavy things that go on around them all the time.

How did you come up with the name?

Jon Cook: As for the name, the first time I ever say the word, it was at an Irish pub in Columbus Ohio. Fadó is an Irish word that means “Long Ago” and it’s used at the beginning of tales, a lot like “Once Upon a Time”. When I decided to start a storytelling podcast, the name was almost immediately in my head and I couldn’t think of anything I would rather call it. So, Fadó was born.  And of course the logo had to be a dragon. There was never anything else that I could imagine. It started as a piece of clip art I found online, and then I had a graphic designer friend of mine work something up that was my own, which is the FaDragon you see today.

After I listened to Jon’s podcast, I also ran across his friend’s podcast from him telling me about it, and he kind of has a similar story line to the start up and I love listening to it as well. I definitely love the story and the story behind the name.

So now we have Michael Crosa who created Jollyville Productions. He has voiced as Jimmy Pykrust and Sboopie the Boop on Jollyville Radio. And he also serves as the occasional percussionist in Jollyville Brass Quintet

Who is Jollyville Radio?

Michael Crosa: So that’s kinda the start, it has now evolved to a point where we have a team of about 5-6 writers, 3-4 editors, and maybe a dozen voice actors. We write in a monthly cycle, so the stuff that gets written and recorded during month A is going to be edited and published during month B while we’re writing and recording stuff for month C

What is it about?

 A radio broadcast from the semi-fictional town of Jollyville with sketches and vignettes from the town voiced by a full cast. Each episode ends by featuring real people serving their communities in the real world.

When did you decide to start the podcast?

Michael Crosa: It was an original script complete with parody ads and everything. We liked that format and had decided that would be our main mode of performance moving forward. But then Corona hit, and playing instruments didn’t make sense anymore. Well I mean it made sense, it just wasn’t safe, y’know. We tried making one of those videos where everyone records their parts separately and we edit them together, but those are way harder than they look and didn’t have the magic of making music together. So we did the opposite and leaned into the radio stuff!

Why did you decide to start it?

 Michael Crosa: One of the things we tried to do to make our shows fun was to do skits and stuff in between. We didn’t have very long to play with it but at Christmas 2019 we had done a “Radio Hour” concert where in between songs we pretended we were in an old timey radio station performing a Christmas story

How did you come up with the name?

Michael Crosa: I’ve always been a big music guy and for a long time envisioned that I wanted to run a brass quintet that played in classical-ish style but did fun music and interesting shows. And so I finally did that when I moved to Austin. I had the notion that we were probably going to get most of our bookings around Christmas time, so I named it after the road that I lived on at the time which had a uniquely fun and vaguely christmassy name… Jollyville Road

I’m sure glad to be getting back into the swing of things and sure enjoyed having the chance of talking with these two amazing people who have created something awesome. You’ll be able to access their links and episodes by clicking on each photo and it will take you straight to their homepages. If you’re looking for a good storytelling podcast, these two sure are a huge hit.

What’s New?

Hey everyone, it sure has been a good bit. 3 months? Yep, it’s been that long. I’ve been busy focusing on other things, with work and taking care of my son and our well beings. So now I feel I’m at good point in my life now where I’m ready to get back into it, and ready to post more on here. I’ve enjoyed making content on Tiktok, and posting on Instagram, and of course facebook, I let things slide on here. But like I said, I’m at a good point and ready to get back into blogging and podcasting as well. I have so many ideas in store, and ready for some collabs as well. And to bring out the major news, yes I am going through a divorce. Luckily, he and I are being civil and staying friends. I was pretty upset at first, but we realized it’s for the best. I’ve been able to focus on myself and of course Donovan. Donovan is the only boy I’ll ever need, and I’m not sure that I ever want to be with anyone else ever again, and I’d be okay with that. We have been faithful and going to an amazing church, and I know that’s where we are meant to be. It’s really helped a lot being surrounded by amazing friends who been like family to me. So if you’ve read through this, I truly do appreciate it. Stay tuned for new content. I’ll try to post a few times a week.

Small Businesses Take Storm

over the past few months I have compiled a short list of lord small businesses within the tri-state area and I’m so excited to finally share some love with these businesses. I’ve also reached to each owner of these businesses as well and asked them why they started and how they came up with their business names, and These stories are just amazing.
First up is Naturally Charming created by Shaina Newman based out of fronton, Oh who makes clay and resin crafts.

“So I actually decided to open my store because I was in LOVE with pieces from other clay shops, but they were $40-$50 a pair and I was a college student with 3 kids, so I decided to try to make my own. I absolutely fell in love with the process of using clay. I love that the possibilities are endless and you can get really creative. I decided to try to sell affordable clay pieces for other people to enjoy. I decided on the name because I wanted my pieces to feature nature and natural elements such as flowers and leaves. I also felt like clay was a natural element so I felt like “naturally” fit with my theme and charming, makes the jewelry sound more elegant. I also like how the pieces seem “naturally charming” to look at if that makes sense 🤣 I’ve added even more nature to my pieces with dried flowers in resin, and most recently- real butterfly wings!

Next up is Glory B Boutique by Ali White out of Kitts Hill, Ohio with a fashion clothing boutique

“I decided to open up Glory B Boutique at a very low point in my life due to a negative obstacle that I chose to turn into a positive. I had always dreamed of opening up a boutique, but I thought it would be impossible until I was in my thirties and very established.

In July of 2020, my grandmother, Gloria Hopper, passed away unexpectedly – very unexpectedly. Her passing took a major toll on me. One day, I had this feeling come over me about opening up an online boutique circling around her name. At first I just contemplated the idea and pushed my feelings aside, but it almost became a calling that I could no longer ignore. On November 1, 2021 launched in memory of my best friend, my grandmaw: Gloria Hopper. It has been nothing but dreams coming true since! Who knew I would be 21 years old and creating my own store? I am so thrilled that I am able to keep her memory alive in a way that has always made the both of us happy: fashion.”

Then we have Made Up by Maddie based out of Wheelersburg, Ohio who professions in microblading.

“I personally was in PTA school and I wasn’t happy. I didn’t love it like I should, so I decided that I was gonna do something I would love! I took a microblading course and started working! I rent a room at The Wild Horse Salon & Spa in Wheelersberg and that’s where I work out of.

As far as my name, I have done hair and makeup for proms, other dances, and even weddings for a long time!!

This past prom season I made the name “Made Up By Maddie” so I could advertise my little “side gig”. When I decided to do what I would love and start my own business up, I knew just what to call it!!!”

Then we have Looper’s Creations created by Kiona Smith based out of Lesage,West Virginia who creates custom sublimated and vinyl products.

“I don’t actually have a “store” but I run it out of my in laws house where my husband and i live! I have always had a passion for giving people what they want. There have been so many times I’ve ordered something custom, and it’s just not exactly how I wanted or pictured. I wanted to create exactly what people have in mind. I did some research on some things after seeing a couple of people doing what I do now, and I was fascinated. So I went for it!

My name has a very strong meaning. Even though it came from my husband and I joking around and putting together names, it made sense. I had a cat named Loki that was my first baby for 6 years. He was so sick when I first got him and I got him back to good health. Fast forward four years later, he started getting urethral blockages. My husband and i did surgery and food maintenance but it still wasn’t enough. He kept getting blocked so we had to make the hard decision to put him down before his urethra blockage killed him. Fast forward 6 months later, we got a 4 month old puppy named Cooper from my husbands grandfather. We were not looking for a dog but when we went to visit on Easter, Cooper would not leave my feet. I had to take him. All in all, Loopers comes from Loki and Cooper together. They are so similar in personality it is scary. I have a strong passion for animals so I thought it was a very passionate strong name.

Then we have Love You Most Boutique a clothing boutique by Breanna Goodman out of South Point, Ohio

“I have always loved fashion & shopping. My family owns their own business, so having my own one day was something I always aspired to do. My mom & I had been talking about it for quite some time, but one day out of the blue we just decided to go for it. Opening a business can be very intimidating, but we were so determined to make it happen! We had all of our paperwork, website, & vendors ready to go in just one weekend. (Definitely one of the most stressful weekends of my life I might add lol)

“As far as for our boutique name, my mom & I have always said “love you more, love you most” when leaving each other or hanging up the phone. This name just felt perfect & once we said it, no other name felt the way Love You Most Boutique did! We have almost been open a 1 year & it has been such a fun journey”

Then lastly we have Nica Dawn Beautique a clothing store by Ashley Holt out of Ashland, Kentucky

“It actually started out with my step children’s mother of which I’m best friends with sitting around and watching other people have fun doing the whole boutique life. It was always something that I had wanted to do but had talked myself out of. She came to me and said, Let’s do this! We both laughed because who starts a business during a pandemic. Lol Apparently we do! Since opening in December it just took off! My business partner decided boutique life wasn’t for her and she wanted to focus on her family’s business, Hillbilly Hibachi. Since July 1st I’ve been having a blast helping people feel good about themselves with their clothing. So the name came from Veronica “NICA” Ashley Dawn “Dawn” and the beautique spelling came from the word beauty! We wanted all women no matter their size and shape to feel comfortable and loved. It’s been one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve had.”

I’ve been so excited to finally share this list of these awesome people and their businesses and they’ve really made a name for themselves. I can’t wait to share more later on. Thanks for reading.

Lawrence County’s first heavy metal/rock festival organized by local resident

Charles Cody Wilds of Ironton, Ohio has organized the first heavy metal rock festival for Lawrence County. He got the idea a few months back realizing that it was time for a change. “I’ve played music for 13 years, my band has been produced by some of the biggest producers in the metal scene, I’ve played my hometown once in 13 years. This needs to change. We live in an area that’s so close minded because dudes wear black and scream in a song. I want to break the area out of that mindset. Rock music does the best nationwide with concert sales beating rap and any other genre. I want to create an annual event for the area I grew up in that I’m proud of and that we can all come together one day in the fall, let loose and rock out to some of the nations rising stars.” The lineup for this event includes local bands along with some popular names as well; This town has ghosts, Valley of Dismay, Kuhmora, Intercession for Imposters, I, the Oracle, Of Serpents, Down in Round Three, Fear The Dreamer, Curses, WhatDrivesTheWeak, Revision, Revised, A War Within, ENMY, VRSTY, and Left to Suffer. He of course wants vendors and games there also. “ We’re still getting vendors together currently, I know we have some appearances from Hollowgrave Clothing, J&M Scents, Flower Power, Spiritual Spa and the Festival main tent that will have festival merchandise and a lot more will be there as well! Game wise we’re looking at a few carnival style games.” So you can definitely expect this to be a family friendly event, so you’re more than welcome to bring your kids as well. But of course a few rules to follow; no alcohol/coolers, no drones, no chairs of any kind, no pets (with exception of service animals), no fireworks or explosives, no outside food or beverages – exception one factory sealed bottle of water (20 oz. max size), no drugs or drug paraphernalia, and no unauthorized vending or advertising. The musical events will start September 25th at Paul Porter Park in Coal Grove, Ohio. Gates open at 12:30 pm and music will start at 1 and will last all day until 11 that night. The event will also be filmed by Matt Napier of Matt Napier Film. So get your tickets as they go on sale today, July 20th, on their website, and follow them along on their Facebook page as they announce more information regarding the event.

Ice cream flavors to try

Hey everyone, in today’s post I will be sharing some of my favorite ice cream flavors. Since beginning of last December, I would buy different ice cream flavors and share them on my personal Facebook page, I’ve decided to take all of those that I’ve posted and share them on one post, so there are some flavors that are only seasonal. Check out the gallery below of these awesome flavors. Feel free to comment new flavors I should.I constantly love trying new flavors

Holler! Interview

So I had the chance to be on another Podcast last Friday, and might say it was fun. It was the Holler podcast, which included the trio hosts; J.D Short, Brian Ball, and Gracie Graves. I had reached out to Gracie myself and asked if I could be on, after watching my friend Alan prior on one of their previous podcasts. Their podcast is pretty unscripted, and just talk about whatever,and also talk about whoever their guest host is for the week, and they also do giveaways as well, and usually lasts about an hour or longer.

Their podcast has been around since 2016, which at first used to be under a different name, then renamed Holler. Since then their community has grown with there Facebook page has reached over 8,000 likes and has interviewed a lot of people. I figured it would be awesome to talk about for my first official post, and plan to talk about more people. If you’d like to check out the show, just click here to watch : and check Holler out on all social media platforms.