Hocus Pocus 2 Movie Review


With the sequel, it starts off by telling how the sisters became witches in Salem by going to a forbidden forest when they ran into another witch. Then we come upon present day, into a more modern day with more technology. Becca the main protagonist, this storyline reveals that she is a witch herself, as she turns 16 on Halloween.

Gilbert states he saw them at the cemetery in 1993 when Max, Dani & Allison take down the sisters and they had turned to dust at sunrise.

So since then he states that he felt he needed to bring them to prove truth, so therefore he creates a black flame candle to give Becca & Izzy, two of the three girls. Becca & Izzy go to that same forest not knowing about the candle, they recite a spell and ultimately the sisters return. Upon their return, of course the Sanderson sisters appear and start singing.

Becca & Izzy warn their friend Cassie, who happens to be a descendant of the Reverend who has banished the sisters from Salem when they were younger.

When Winifred reveals of her plan, the 3 girls must stop their havoc and put a stop to things. There are many references from the first film through the movie and Billy Butcherson makes a return as well and helps the new teens as they set to rid of the sisters. They even showed a younger version of him in the beginning before the sisters got banished.

If you happen to read this before watching the movie, PLEASE KEEP WATCHING AFTER THE CREDITS! Gilbert’s cat happens to stumble upon a box that has BF number 2. Could this mean a possibility for a third Hocus Pocus? Let me know in the comments and continue to stream Hocus Pocus 1 & 2 on Disney Plus.

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