David Michael Frank Releases Debut Single

Tiktok and Youtube sensation has kicked off his solo career by debuting his first single Only One, which released today. He was formerly known as Future Sunsets being a group of 4, then it dwindled down to just him, so he felt he was ready to start his solo career as just his name. You can watch his videos on youtube and tiktok, with him doing his own twists on cover songs, and working on original songs as well. He was just recently on tour with Halocene and Lauren Babic, even performing the single at some of the events. I have personally been listening to the song all day, and I’m obsessed. It gives off mid 2000s vibes and I could imagine this song in a movie. Seriously, go check him out and listen to his single, Spotify, Apple Music or wherever it is you listen/stream your music.

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