Corduroy Brown’s first album was released a year ago today

It was a year ago today that Corduroy Brown released his first album, Let Me Know. The album was years in the making and so much hard work was put into it. His family, friends and everyone who’s supported him were the ones who inspired him to work on the album.

“I’m definitely proud of it. It felt like we put our whole souls in it. It almost didn’t come out. I remember Arlo and others discussing plans to finish it for me if I didn’t make it. I listened to it all the way through today and it brought back so many memories. Some of those songs were from 2017. Definitely will always be proud of it” Brown stated.

For those who’ve heard the name Alan Brown, or if you haven’t, he had a near death experience with Covid in February 2021. But with a lot of support and prayers, he came back to us, and the album was inspired to finish. Local news station WSAZ even did a story last year for the release, check it out here.

You can listen to the album on most music streaming services! Go listen if you haven’t already and let us know in the comments if you have a favorite song.

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