Reflecting on The Year

Hey everyone, we are literally upon the last day of the year. So I figured with today, you’ll be getting a blog post and a podcast as well, so don’t forget to hop on over to Anchor or where ever you listen to your podcasts and listen as well.

So for this post, we are talking about and reflecting on events that has happened this year. The beginning of 2021 started somewhat better than last year, of course COVID was still going on, and the job I had at the time, the rules and regulations there were getting stricter. With other stuff going on there, I finally quit that job in April. I did do some freelance work for a couple months, but I knew I had to find another job. So in June, I finally got a job working at Wendy’s. During the time I was finding another job, my husband at the time said he wanted divorced. Apparently things hadn’t been working out like we thought, so it was best that we get divorced. I couldn’t find a place closer to where Donovan was going to school, so towards the end of summer break, I had transferred him schools and we moved in with my grandmother. So since the end of July we have lived with her. Things are going fairly well, and I’m hoping in the new year we’ll be able to get our own place, and for sure working on saving up for a car as well. Also in that time, we started going back to church, a church literally a couple minutes from our house, and a family friend is the assistant pastor there, so we started going there, and Donovan couldn’t be more happier going there. He loves it, I love it, we’ve gained an amazing group of friends, and I just couldn’t be more blessed with the church and I love being involved as well. One other thing that was good out of this year, was that we got travel somewhere different, we went to Washington, DC in July and the kids had an awesome time, we stayed just outside in Maryland, and we took the substation into DC a few times in the week. I’m hoping next year as well, I would love to take Donovan on vacation just me and him, and go somewhere different again. I definitely didn’t expect how this year would turn out, but I’m pretty much glad it did. I was a single mom before, and I can very well continue on and being the best mom I can be to my son. He’s my main man and it’s me and him against the world. Will I ever find love again? Who knows. I would not mind if I didn’t and I’d be okay with that.

So to end off this post below is a list of goals Donovan and I plan to achieve in the new year. Will I be mad if it doesn’t happen? Nope. But that won’t stop me to continue pushing and focus on my son and our dreams.

Lindsey’s Goals:
– purchasing a car
– a place of our own
– starting my business
– budget my finances better
– hopefully get to travel

Donovan’s Goals:
– wants to earn $300
– gain a bigger collection of army toys

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