Hey everyone, I’m excited to share this new post, as I’m talking about two really cool podcasts. Podcasts are a good thing to listen to when you’re relaxing, laying in bed, or even being productive around the house. (hint, hint, new podcast coming soon as well.) Anyway, this may be a fairly long post, so bare with me and just read along as I interview these guys, and went a little in depth on the who, what, when and why, basically the low-down on their shows.

So first off, I’m talking with Jon Cook, host of Fadó podcast, An Audio Adventure into Fiction, Folklore, and Fairy Tales! 

When & why did you decide to start the podcast?

Jon Cook: Okay, so when did I decide, and why: Basically, in the middle of the lockdowns, I read my book, The Path of Stone,  on Facebook for people to listen to to give them something to do. I had so much fun with that, that I contacted the C.S. Lewis estate to see if I could read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and they allowed it. During those readings, I decided that I was having so much fun that I’d make a regular thing of it, but as a podcast, so it could be to anyone, and not just my Facebook friends. So in May of 2020, I launched Fadó. I just wanted to put something out there to entertain people and give them something comfortable to listen to to get away from all the heavy things that go on around them all the time.

How did you come up with the name?

Jon Cook: As for the name, the first time I ever say the word, it was at an Irish pub in Columbus Ohio. Fadó is an Irish word that means “Long Ago” and it’s used at the beginning of tales, a lot like “Once Upon a Time”. When I decided to start a storytelling podcast, the name was almost immediately in my head and I couldn’t think of anything I would rather call it. So, Fadó was born.  And of course the logo had to be a dragon. There was never anything else that I could imagine. It started as a piece of clip art I found online, and then I had a graphic designer friend of mine work something up that was my own, which is the FaDragon you see today.

After I listened to Jon’s podcast, I also ran across his friend’s podcast from him telling me about it, and he kind of has a similar story line to the start up and I love listening to it as well. I definitely love the story and the story behind the name.

So now we have Michael Crosa who created Jollyville Productions. He has voiced as Jimmy Pykrust and Sboopie the Boop on Jollyville Radio. And he also serves as the occasional percussionist in Jollyville Brass Quintet

Who is Jollyville Radio?

Michael Crosa: So that’s kinda the start, it has now evolved to a point where we have a team of about 5-6 writers, 3-4 editors, and maybe a dozen voice actors. We write in a monthly cycle, so the stuff that gets written and recorded during month A is going to be edited and published during month B while we’re writing and recording stuff for month C

What is it about?

 A radio broadcast from the semi-fictional town of Jollyville with sketches and vignettes from the town voiced by a full cast. Each episode ends by featuring real people serving their communities in the real world.

When did you decide to start the podcast?

Michael Crosa: It was an original script complete with parody ads and everything. We liked that format and had decided that would be our main mode of performance moving forward. But then Corona hit, and playing instruments didn’t make sense anymore. Well I mean it made sense, it just wasn’t safe, y’know. We tried making one of those videos where everyone records their parts separately and we edit them together, but those are way harder than they look and didn’t have the magic of making music together. So we did the opposite and leaned into the radio stuff!

Why did you decide to start it?

 Michael Crosa: One of the things we tried to do to make our shows fun was to do skits and stuff in between. We didn’t have very long to play with it but at Christmas 2019 we had done a “Radio Hour” concert where in between songs we pretended we were in an old timey radio station performing a Christmas story

How did you come up with the name?

Michael Crosa: I’ve always been a big music guy and for a long time envisioned that I wanted to run a brass quintet that played in classical-ish style but did fun music and interesting shows. And so I finally did that when I moved to Austin. I had the notion that we were probably going to get most of our bookings around Christmas time, so I named it after the road that I lived on at the time which had a uniquely fun and vaguely christmassy name… Jollyville Road

I’m sure glad to be getting back into the swing of things and sure enjoyed having the chance of talking with these two amazing people who have created something awesome. You’ll be able to access their links and episodes by clicking on each photo and it will take you straight to their homepages. If you’re looking for a good storytelling podcast, these two sure are a huge hit.

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