Holler! Interview

So I had the chance to be on another Podcast last Friday, and might say it was fun. It was the Holler podcast, which included the trio hosts; J.D Short, Brian Ball, and Gracie Graves. I had reached out to Gracie myself and asked if I could be on, after watching my friend Alan prior on one of their previous podcasts. Their podcast is pretty unscripted, and just talk about whatever,and also talk about whoever their guest host is for the week, and they also do giveaways as well, and usually lasts about an hour or longer.

Their podcast has been around since 2016, which at first used to be under a different name, then renamed Holler. Since then their community has grown with there Facebook page has reached over 8,000 likes and has interviewed a lot of people. I figured it would be awesome to talk about for my first official post, and plan to talk about more people. If you’d like to check out the show, just click here to watch : https://fb.watch/62x5yaRQGp/ and check Holler out on all social media platforms.

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