Avocado Toast 4 Ways

I’m so excited to come to you all with a new post today and a collab post nonetheless with Keli Salem of Lifestyle with Keli. We’re both sharing 4 of our favorite avocado toast recipes. You’ll see two on here, then go read her post for the other two.

For the first recipe, I wanted to add a bit of a kick with something spicy, because I love spicy food. So I started off peeling the avocado, and scooping it out. Then I put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, then mashed it up a bit, then spread it on the toast. Then I added some bacon flavored shredded cheese, then topped it with some hot sauce. It was so very good and I loved every bite.

For this one, I went simple. I microwaved the avocado, then mashed it up to make it easier to spread, then I fried an egg, laid it on the toast, then added some pepper and chili powder for a slight kick. Hey, I love the spiciness. The mixture of the egg and avocado made for an interesting but wonderful taste.

I definitely enjoyed this fun collab with Keli. Please go check out her post and also her podcast as well. Also follow her on instagram and facebook also. And definitely let me know what other fun healthy recipes you’d love to see on here.

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