Hey, Check Out My Podcast

Hey everyone, today I wanted to do a quick post talking about another project I’ve taken on. I’ve created and started a podcast called Retro Nerd Chic. I’ve gone through two other names before I finally came up with what I have now.

First I started off with Life with Lindsey. Did a few episodes, then I somehow got locked out, so I had to start all over. Then it became lyndsimae studios podcast. I liked that it had my brand name in it, but it still wasn’t working out.

Then one day, I was just talking with a friend at work about some things we have in common, then it hit me, I love talking about other things to where my inner nerd comes out and I get all giddy. So I wanted to do just that on my podcast, still keeping the same mission and topics in mind, so it became Retro Nerd Chic. It’s different, I’m all about the retro vibe, and still has a bit of my own modern twist.

I like that there are other platforms to where we can diversify the topics we talk about. I keep this blog for the main things I like to write about, then my other favorite things, I want on specifically for the podcast. So I’m super excited for this fun new project, and I hope you all will enjoy seeing more new content from me on all other platforms. Here is a list of where you can find my podcast and listen. And I’m always looking for guests on my show, so let me know if you would ever be interested. I post episodes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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