1 Month Hair Update

On December 14th, 2017, I did the most bold, daring thing to my hair. I wanted to go blonde. I found a cheap kit at a Family Dollar store. I wanted to try it out. I’ve always been the type to do different things with my hair. I had only ever been blonde once which was in 2012. I wanted to change things up and do it again. 

Although last time, I actually went to a salon, but this time I decided to do it at home. I may have done the directions backwards, and damaged my roots big time, but in this photo you can see the outcome. My hair was all messed up and streaky. I couldn’t stand it, so yes I cried over messing up my hair. Could I have just left it alone and got another box dye? Yeah. But my hair was already super damaged. 

I had dyed it maybe 4 times in 2 months, so adding the blonde just made it more damaged. Once I got done crying, I went for the scissors and clippers. I cut off as much as I could, so I could shave it. And I have to say, I felt so relieved. I didn’t regret it one bit. Plus I had been wanting to do it for years. I just finally had the courage to do it, and it felt great. 

When I showed my husband, he was pretty ticked off at first, but he got over it.  He somewhat understood that I needed a fresh start. Then I showed some close friends before I publicly shared it. I had my best friend that was a little ticked at first as well, but she’s slowly getting over it. 

Other than that, I got amazing compliments. I wore a wig for a couple weeks whenever I was around any family member. Then Christmas Day evening I showed my mom, then the next day I showed my grandma. That didn’t end too well. They told me that they couldn’t stand to look at my hair and to put my wig back on. The fact that they said that was honestly messed up, but I honestly don’t care what they think or say about me. I’m an adult, I’m allowed to do what I want with my hair. No one should get butt-hurt over decisions I make. 

But yesterday, my grandma picked me and Donovan up so I could take him to a follow up doctor’s appointment and it was pointless to wear any of my wigs, so I just wore a beanie hat that I had got for Christmas. She didn’t have to see my hair, and I was fine with wearing the beanie. It’s cute and I need to wear it. Lol. But everywhere else, I can be myself. 

Even at work, I have my friends and random customers telling me I look great, I’m so bold for doing something that other women have wanted to do, but have just been afraid to do it. Over 4 weeks time, it has maybe grown back between half an inch to an inch, somewhere in between. I have been taking these vitamins called Hair, Skin and Nails and Vitamin E as well. And then I’ll continue on to take other vitamins as well. I’ve also done one Coconut Oil hair treatment as well, and will do those once a week or every other week. 

So those are a few ways to help with healthy hair growth. I’m letting my hair grow back healthy and strong now. It will take some time, but hair grows. I’ve definitely been loving all the amazing compliments, but didn’t expect it at all. I did something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. But I made a promise that I would never do it again. And here’s my hair today. I feel amazing, confident and just an all-around bad ass. 

One thought on “1 Month Hair Update

  1. You go girl! I am about to have my pixie cut done even shorter! (Like very short) and while I am nervous about it, seeing your post helps give me confidence! You’re right, the hair will grow back and it’ll be healthier than before! 😁

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