Authentic Fresh Experience at Fratelli’s

    I love going to different restaurants and trying their food, because it’s something I really enjoy doing. I’ve always loved trying new foods. Now that I’m blogging, I’m actually able to write about my experience and just share it with others. In today’s post, I’ll be writing about my experience at Fratelli’s, an Italian restaurant in Barboursville, West Virginia on Wednesday December 5th, and I’ll just start off by saying this, it was an amazing restaurant with great service. 

   The atmosphere of the restaurant was just astounding. They had place decorated for holidays, and it was just beautiful. They had nice white lights draped from the ceilings, and it just gave off a nice ambience. I can’t remember his name, but the waiter was very nice and friendly. 

I started off by ordering my drink, which was Strawberry Tea, and it had a very sweet blend of a natural flavor and sweetness. 

 Then for my dinner, I had a Mediterranean Salad, which included sautéed shrimp, zucchini, yellow squash, and mushrooms cooked in a white wine lemon sauce and served on a bed of Romaine lettuce with tomatoes and topped with feta cheese. So I can most certainly say it was exquisite. I love anything with shrimp, so it definitely caught my eye. The blend of the lemons and tomatoes gave off a very colorful vibe. The mixture of the white wine lemon sauce and feta cheese with the other ingredients, made for a luscious satisfying meal. 
While I was eating my salad, I seen a small flyer where you could text a code to a number, then receiving a pin number from a waiter, to get a free cupcake. I thought, why not? I was able to choose from 2 different ones, and I picked the Red Velvet cupcake, and it was most certainly delectable with it’s appetizing charm decorated with whipped topping and sprinkles, with a nice looking red paper wrapped around it. 

So I must definitely say, that the entire experience was incredible and amazing and I definitely hope to go back again another time. 

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