Interview With Tyler

So it’s the last day of the month and the last day of National Diabetes Awareness Month. I’ve had some really awesome interviews and have learned so much more about diabetes. For the last interview, I interviewed my sweet husband. So prepare for him to be a little comical during this interview. Keep on reading. 

What type of diabetes do you have?

Tyler: Type 1

How long have you had diabetes?

T: 34 years

How did you manage, growing up? Did you hide your diabetes?

T: I tried to hide it as much as I could, but when you’re in marching band, it’s kinda hard to hide insulin injections on long trips. Then mom and dad helped manage. 

Was it tough on your sibling(s) if you had any, with you being the center of attention? 

T: I wasn’t the center of attention, but yes it was hard on my sister.  

What was hardest for you and your family — emotionally? Or financially?

T: Neither really. 

How often do you have to test your glucose levels?

T: I don’t have to because I have a cgm that shows my sugar levels. 

What kind of insulin do you take?

T: Humalog

What insulins have you had throughout your diabetic career?

T: Mph, regular, humalog, novalog

How well do you think you manage your diabetes?

T: Previously, not so well, but now, a lot better 

Can you recognize the symptoms of a low/high blood sugar?

T: Yes

 What symptoms do you get,  and how often?

T: For low, I get shaky and when I’m high, I get really dry mouth

What do you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner? When?

T: See-food, when I see food I eat it. 

Do you vary your insulin dose if you eat something that is not really good for you?

T: You mean I’m suppose to eat healthy, says the diabetic who’s about to eat a chocolate chip cookie. 

Do you eat snacks in between meals? Soda?

T: 24/7 and 365

Do you eat vegetables? Drink lots of water? 

T: What in the crap is that?

 Do you ever skip meals or find the diet restrictive? 

T: Hello I’m an e.m.t! Of course I skip meals. 

Do you get annoyed when people ask if you should be eating a certain food?

T: No, because there are two types of things that diabetics can’t eat, poison and food with poison

Do you do anything else to manage diabetes better?

T: Yeah I breathe. 

What is the hardest part of being diabetic? And the best part? 

T: Hardest part, worrying about not waking up. The best part, meeting Jim catfish Hunter, and being a role model for my son who is also type 1. 

Does your diabetes cause you any other problems?

T: Nope.

What would you like a non-diabetic to know about having diabetes?

T: It’s a mental game. 24/7 365

What would you tell someone who has just been diagnosed with diabetes?

T: Remember diabetes is a marathon not a sprint. If you ever feel like giving up, reach out to your friends and family and get some help. 

Who do you get support from? Who treats you?

T: Support from family, friends and my loving wife. I treat me,myself and I

*I truly hope you’ve all enjoyed these interviews and me touching base on diabetes awareness. I’ve definitely enjoyed them myself and have learned so much more about it. I love my husband and will continue to be by his side for the rest of our lives.  

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