Interview with Wanda

So first off, I’m excited to say that today marks my 1 year anniversary here on WordPress. I can’t believe I’ve been on here in just a year and seen where this blog has taken me. Can’t wait to see where else this blogging journey will take me and what opportunities it brings. Today’s post I want to talk about Wanda Prince and where her diabetic career has taken her. Keep reading to learn more.

What type of diabetes do you have?

Wanda: Type 1

How long have you had diabetes?

W: 33 yrs

How did you manage, growing up? Did you hide your diabetes?

W: When diagnosed I was 18. Crappy time of youth to try to deal with a big illness. I did hide my diabetes for a few years, still do kinda

What was hardest for you and your family — emotionally? Or financially?

W: All the above! My mom was raising me alone so, yes cost and emotionally as my mom felt so guilty for “giving it to me”. I just hated it

What treatment do you use to treat your diabetes?

W: Insulin (levemir and humalog)

How often do you have to test your glucose levels?

W: I should be testing at least 4/5 times a day. Usually just once or twice

Do you use an insulin pump or injections/pens? How often do you need to inject?

W: Pens. Every time I eat plus bedtime

What insulins have you had throughout your diabetic career?

NPH, Humulin R, Lantus

How well do you think you manage your diabetes?

W: Okay I guess

Can you recognize the symptoms of a low/high blood sugar?

W: Yes both

What symptoms do you get, and how often?

W: For low hunger, heartbeat increases, sweating, blurred vision and sometimes when extremely low, vomiting. For highs, tummy ache, headache, very sleepy, listless, irritable mood

What do you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner? When?

W: Breakfast;  cereal, toast, yogurt plus granola
      Lunch;  meh maybe some fruit
      Dinner; try to get vegetables and protein but love my carbs i.e rice and       spuds

Do you vary your insulin dose if you eat something that is not really good for you?

W: Yes absolutely

Do you eat snacks in between meals? Soda?

W: Yes I love snacks and I drink a few sodas a day

Do you eat vegetables? Drink lots of water?

W: Yes and yes

Do you ever skip meals?

W: Yes sometimes

Do you find the diet restrictive?

W: Not really. I also have celiac which is very restrictive

Do you get annoyed when people ask if you should be eating a certain food?

W: Nope

Do you do anything else to manage diabetes better?

W: I try hard to get the correct carb count to match my insulin ratios

What is the hardest part of being diabetic? And the best part?

W: Hardest part, dealing with complications and high/lows.Best part, while pregnant getting the best care possible for baby and I

What would you like a non-diabetic to know about having diabetes?

W: That absolutely everything messes with diabetes, weather, illness, mood, food etc

What would you tell someone who has just been diagnosed with diabetes?

W: Hang on tight!

Who do you get support from? Who treats you?

My mom supports me and my Endo treats me

Who do you get support from? Who treats you?

W: My mom supports me and my Endo treats me

I’ve had so much fun doing these interviews in honor of National Diabetes Awareness Month, and just have a couple more to go. I can’t believe the holidays are just around the corner. I have so many fun things coming up on here and throughout my social media platforms. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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