Interview With Charlie

For today’s post I’ll be talking about Charlie. Another cool friend through the awesome Facebook group Diabuddies Support Group . I’m asking him the same questions and he’s just giving his responses. Keep on reading to hear more about Charlie.

What type of diabetes do you have?

Charlie: Type 1

How long have you had diabetes?

C: 25 yrs

How did you manage, growing up?

C:I was 29 yrs old so I went to an endocrinologist

What was hardest for you and your family — emotionally? Or financially?

C: Emotionally, and I also have great insurance

What treatment do you use to treat your diabetes?

C: I use a pump and a cgm

How often do you have to test your glucose levels?

C: 8 plus times a day and use a cgm

What kind of insulin do you take?

C: Humalog

What insulins have you had throughout your diabetic career?

C: R. N and Humalog

How well do you think you manage your diabetes?

C: Pretty good

Can you recognize the symptoms of a low/high blood sugar?

C:With low,yes and highs not so much

What symptoms do you get, and how often?

C: Tiredness, confusion,  sweating, but not that often

What do you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner? When?

C: I eat what ever I want but I will eat around 7 am, noon, and 6:30

Do you vary your insulin dose if you eat something that is not really good for you?

C: Yes

Do you eat snacks or have drinks in between meals? 

C: Yes to both

Do you eat vegetables and drink lots of water?

C: I love veggies and yes I drink about 8 bottles a day

Do you ever skip meals or find the diet restrictive?

C: I don’t really follow a diet

Do you get annoyed when people ask if you should be eating a certain food?

C: big time

Do you do anything else to manage diabetes better?

C: Yes, I exercise

What is the hardest part of being diabetic? And the best part?

C: The hardest part is worrying about my health. The best part is the great friends I have found

Does your diabetes cause you any other problems?

C: Weight gain and joint stiffness

What would you like a non-diabetic to know about having diabetes?

C: The constant awareness that we live with

What would you tell someone who has just been diagnosed with diabetes?

C: You can deal with it

Who do you get support from? Who treats you?

C: I get support from my wife. I go to an endocrinologist


I want to thank Charlie for letting me ask him some questions and be a part of this series for this month that is National Diabetes Awareness Month. If you’d like to check out Adam’s Story, click here:

Check out an all new interview on Friday, and check out my YoutubeInstagram, and my Podcast, Life With Lindsey on all streaming services for other Diabetes related content.

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