New Home Office

Hey everyone, today I wanted to show my new home office in the corner of our room. Before we moved in, Tyler was telling me that I might not be able to have my own office space, but I told him I would make it work. There’s actually room in our bathroom, so I don’t have to have it cluttered in my office like I’ve done before, so I just do that part in the bathroom. From now on, I can just work on my crafts, blog and video stuff. I hung up my starry night frame, and my favorite quote. Later on when I find a few more nails, I’ll hang up my other photos. I also brought back my cube shelf in, so I could have the extra storage and I have this small table for right now that my grandma brought me. I’ll eventually find something a tad bigger, so I’ll be able to sit there and work on craft stuff. But for now, this small table works. I’m still debating on keeping the mirror there or not, but I’m letting it sit there for now. I’ve always loved having my own office corner, but hope to eventually be able to have an entire room as an office and be able to use my skills and eventually start a business where I’m able to work from home. I love being creative and enjoy writing, and I enjoy reaching goals that I make. Thanks to those of you that have taken the time to read this and l hope you enjoyed this post.

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