DIY Summer Floral Dress

Hey everyone, I’m super excited for you all to read today’s post. I’ve been super obsessed with florals and summer dresses lately, so I decided I wanted to make my own dress with some fabric I’ve had for a while. So keep on reading.


So I started out using this fabric I’ve had in my craft drawer for a while, and it’s around 2 yards, so it was perfect for how I wanted to make the dress. First I folded it in half, then again the other way.36370335_277682012803000_4679461723344732160_n36326951_277682046136330_6171470449294180352_n.jpg

Then after that, I cut three holes on the edge and half way through. I completely forgot to take a photo of the cuts, but after I did that. I sewn the 2 sides together, and that took forever. About 3 hours on each. This project could probably be tackled in one day, but it took me a couple days because I had other things going on. Anyway, I also took some extra strips I had cut off and used it to tie the dress together, and it looks super cute.

I have to say, I’m pretty freaking proud of how it turned out and I definitely want to make more. It’s super cute and I can’t wait to wear it more this Summer. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and let me know in the comments if you’d love to see more like this. See ya next time.

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