Interview With Perez Hilton

We all know Perez Hilton as the number one source for celebrity news. He’s been involved in multiple controversies and many people have hated on him for really no good reason. He’s good at his job and love what he does. When you’re a gossip blogger, you’re going to report the gossip. Especially when there are already hints at what’s going on. Other than his blog, he’s taken a chance at acting being in numerous shows and movies, writing a children’s book, created a song for a movie he was in, and also has his own radio show and podcast, along with his Youtube channels. Perez is surely a busy man, so I can see how it can be hard being a single parent to 3 kids and working a full time job. Yes, if you didn’t know, he is a single parent to one boy and 2 girls. He named his boy, Mario, after his father and himself. If you think Perez was his real name, then you really don’t know him at all. Mario Armando Lavandeira III was born on February 17th, 2013 and was conceived with a donor egg and was carried by a surrogate mother. Then on May 9th, 2015, Mia Alma was born and on October 4th, 2017 his second daughter Mayte Amor was born, both also via surrogate. Perez has been super nice enough to let me ask him a few questions on how he balances and stabilizes his family and full time career, so keep on reading.

So Perez, why did you decide you wanted to start a family?

Perez: It wasn’t even a question, I always just knew. For me it wasn’t if I was going to start a family, it was when, and the when was when I felt comfortable with my career possibly suffering, when I also thought I was in a place to work less, or so I thought. But I just sleep less now, but I still work just as hard, I’m just doing more things, and actually I think having kids helped my career. Because I say yes to more, you know I used to turn down a lot of opportunities and say oh this is lame, it’s not good for my brand. Now if someone wants to pay me to do something, I will do it because daddy’s got bills to pay.

Was it difficult at first raising your first child?

Perez: No it wasn’t. I don’t think, I know I’m a hard worker. It wasn’t difficult at all. I’m a hard worker and I work hard at being a great dad, just like I work hard in my professional life as well and how I also work hard in my health and wellness to be a fit and happy person.

I see on your Instagram that you talk to them in Spanish, do you talk to them in English sometimes or do you plan to teach them as they get older and that it’s cool to speak more than one language?

Perez: We only speak spanish in the home and they learn english in school. That’s how I was raised and I think I’m pretty somewhat fluent in English. *Laughs*

Have you ever taken any of your children to public events? If so, how have they reacted to what’s going on?

Perez: I take my kids to public events all the time. They love to go to movie premieres. They love the movies, they love the popcorn and they love the parties.

I can definitely imagine what it’s like to be a single parent when it especially comes to dating. I was a single parent for 3 years wondering if I would ever find the right person to love my son as much as he loves me. What has dating been like wondering if and when you’ll ever find the right person to be another father to your children?

Perez: Dating, I almost feel like I can’t comment on it, because I haven’t been doing any *laughs* I would like to . I would make time to for a great man, I would make time to go out on dates to see if someone is a great man. It’s hard, it’s hard to meet people. It’s especially hard for me because of my public persona. A lot of guys aren’t into me, or they might have misconceptions about me. But I do believe love is out there for me, and that I am worthy of love and I know I am a great partner. I’m confident it will happen at some point in the future.

As everyone knows, you’re homosexual and some people just can’t get past that. I personally have no offense over it. You love who you love and you’re happy when you’re happy. As the children get older, what would you say to them if they become curious about it themselves?

Perez: I am very honest with my kids about everything. And it all comes from them. I don’t really initiate conversations about deep topics, but if they bring something up, then we have an honest discussion in an age appropriate way

So how are you able to separate your career and family life and who helps you balance it and help to raising your kids?

Perez: I don’t separate, I work from home. And the lines are blurred, but I’m thankful I work from home and I’m thankful the lines are blurred. I love my life, I love my job, I love my kids and I love my mom who helps me raise them. She’s super hands on, she lives with us and she’s the best and I love being a dad.

I can not think Perez enough for letting me ask him some questions for this interview series that I have on here. I hope you all have enjoyed this interview and was able to learn a little more about Perez and his personal life, and I hope I can get the chance to interview other amazing people. Feel free to leave some love on this and I’ll talk with you all next time.

2 thoughts on “Interview With Perez Hilton

  1. Really interesting to learn more about Perez’s personal life, especially because it’s a side that we don’t normally get a glimpse into. Yay for him being a single dad!
    Karen |


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