Morning Detox Drink 3 Day Review

morning detox 3 day review

So today I’m going to be talking about my 3 day detox that I tried last week. I never really tried a detox diet before, so it was definitely different.  If this is something you find interesting and would like to try yourself, keep on reading. I started this last Wednesday and finished out on Friday. Over the course of the 3 days, you will want to get up a little bit earlier, because you need to drink this drink an hour before you have breakfast. I would eat small meals during the course of the 3 days. Losing weight can vary on the person trying it out. Me, personally, I only lost 1 pound. But it’s okay. I honestly don’t think you can lose a whole bunch of weight during a 3 day detox. Maybe 1 to 2 pounds. So don’t let it stray you away. This particular drink includes apple cider vinegar. You might freak out a little bit because it’s a type of vinegar. But with apple cider vinegar, it’s different, because it’s very beneficial to weight loss and helps to detoxify your body. While you’re drinking, the taste will definitely be quite tangy and sweet, but you need to drink all of it. You may feel kind of weird while drinking, but it’s just the drink making it’s way into your body, detoxifying and cleaning out your body. Here’s what you’ll need to create this drink:

2 tablespoons – Apple Cider Vinegar

2 tablespoons – lemon juice

1 tablespoon  – Raw honey

1 teaspoon – Ground Cinnamon

1 cup – Hot water


Just add all those to a cup and stir together really well with a spoon and start drinking. Like I said, ACV is very beneficial to weight loss and they’re are various ways that it can help with weight loss. This is just one way to do it. So I hope that you may want to give this a try, so it may help you with your weight loss journey or just wanting to lose a few pounds. Hope you enjoyed this post, and I’ll see you all next time.



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