Setting New Year’s Goals and Sticking to Them

new years resolutionsHey everyone, we’re finally in 2018 and we’re getting in that routine where we try to set goals and resolutions for the new year. We try to set some of the most basic goals; losing weight, eating healthier, and to quit procrastinating so much, the list goes on. Why don’t you try to think outside the box and start different goals? Those few things that I just mentioned, are things you should already be doing. Just add new things to your list. I feel that this year is going to be special for me, because one, I’m getting married, and two, I feel more confident. I’ve been putting off writing my own book for almost 5 years now. I would start writing, but I lost motivation and I just stopped. Within the next week, I will start writing and keep going. My next goal is something I’ve already started. Eating healthier, portioning what I eat and drinking more water and less pop. I did this last year, but then I strayed away and started drinking pop. But this time, no more. I’m sticking with it this time, and not looking back. Another one to add to the list, is unplugging from social media every once in a while. Tyler and I have started doing this already. When you get too overwhelmed with social media sometimes, we’ll just put our phones down, put some music on, and we’ll play card games. I’m so glad I got him a deck of cards for Christmas. It lets us do just that, so we’re not so bored doing the same thing all the time. I’ve also been learning to be more confident and love myself the way I am. I’ve been trying to teach others to be confident in themselves and be more motivated. I’ve honestly been thinking about becoming a motivational speaker, so that’s probably another thing I’m going to be working on this year. The things I will be working on for myself this year, is to work on myself, work on my brand with my blog, and Youtube channel, work on more family time, and to work on a set schedule for what I post online and real life events. With it being just the second day of January, you do have time to get started on these goals. But you’ll feel more better to go ahead and get started now. Quit procrastinating, get motivated and work on your goals and work on yourself.





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