I’m Engaged

proposalI’m excited to share with you all that I’m engaged. This past Saturday was our 4 month anniversary. We knew very early on that we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives, but I certainly did not expect what he had up his sleeve. We had went to my friend’s apartment Saturday evening for dinner, and little did I know, he was going to propose. He had me go in the kitchen while he set everything up, then I had close my eyes walking back into the living room. I open my eyes and all 3 kids had turned around their signs that Tyler had made. They said, “Will you please marry our daddy?” I start crying seeing that. 23621225_10214966354021192_1096931818635501972_nThen I turn around to Tyler and before he could start asking himself, I automatically say yes through my tears.


I was definitely surprised. He had been planning it for a couple weeks, and my friend knew everything. I’m just beyond happy and overjoyed, and we are already getting a jump-start on planning and figuring out when and where we’ll be getting married. Over the next couple months we’ll figure out a date, then everything else will slowly fall into place. I couldn’t be more happy that I’m marrying the man I love and that Donovan will have a great father to look up to. He’s been such a great father so far the past 4 months. I can’t wait to see what our future withholds and the adventures we’ll have as a married couple and our little family.


Head over to my youtube channel, and check out the slideshow video I created:

The Proposal


See ya soon,


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