3 Ingredient Watermelon Ice Cream

Hey everyone,  I hope you have enjoyed your day today. I wanted to share with you a sweet treat that Donovan and I made today. What’s summer without a yummy watermelon treat? So today’s sweet treat was Watermelon Ice Cream, and it only took 3 ingredients.  So keep on reading and check out this yummy treat.
What you’ll need:
Watermelon ( chopped & frozen)
Almond milk
Add watermelon to blender, then add the almond milk, and splenda.
Then just blend real well a couple times, and voila, you have your ice cream.
It was definitely quite a treat, especially when you’re trying to stay healthy and stray away from the sugar. So the splenda is definitely a good alternative. Hope you enjoyed reading this post, so let me know if you would like to see other posts like this. See ya next time

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