10 Ways to Entertain a 3 Year Old

As you can tell I’m a single mom to a 3 year old, so it’s difficult sometimes thinking of different ways to entertain your 3 year old child. So here’s a top 10 list of things you can do with your child together or if you need a little time to yourself, just give them something to do until your done.

1. Play with them.
-Grab a few of their toys and just play pretend with some toys they want to play with

2. Put on a movie or show
-Pull up Netflix or Hulu and find a family friendly show for the both of you

3. Make dinner fun
-When you make dinner, include different colors, or even better add food coloring. One night I made spaghetti and added green food coloring for some St. Patrick’s Day fun. He loved it

4. Get Outside
-Grab some water toys and get outside and have a water fight

5. Make a craft
– grab some fun paper, some scissors, and some glue and oh the possibilities you can make with just a few things around your house.

6. Create your own photo shoot
– Grab your camera or even just your smartphone and use it’s camera and have an impromptu photo shoot with your child or even you and your child. You’re having fun and making memories as well

7. Make a collage or scrapbook
-Grab some family photos and make one whole collage or make your own family scrapbook

8. Put on some music
-A child never loves anything better than music. So pull up some of their favorite tunes and start dancing

9. Let them watch Youtube
– If they have their own tablet or phone that just has wifi on it, hand it to them and they can watch funny kid videos while you get something done really quick

10. Read a book
– Grab one of their favorite books and read to them. Nothing sounds better than when their mommy’s read them a story

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